A Geolocation OSINT Tool. Offers geolocation information gathering through social networking platforms.

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Current version : v1.1

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Current version : v1.1

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Creepy is a geolocation OSINT Tool


Creepy is a geolocation OSINT tool. Gathers geolocation related information from online sources, and allows for presentation on map, search filtering based on exact location and/or date, export in csv format or kml for further analysis in Google Maps.

Video Tutorial

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What's new in v1.0.x ?

Quick Start Instructions

Installation Instructions

Windows 7 / Windows 8

Download and run the installers from this page. Default installation location is your user directory.

Linux (Running from source)

Install dependencies as follows :

Download the latest source code from the link above, extract it and run


Debian Based Distros (Ubuntu, Kali, Mint etc)

Debian package will be updated and available in the repositories soon. Stay tuned !


Download the .dmg file from above, double click on it and drag 'n drop it to your Applications folder!


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